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College of Professional Studies
Political Management (PMGT)
Corporate Public Affairs
Corporate Public Affairs
Fall 2015
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Exploration of major functional areas in corporate public affairs with a focus on the political and policy dynamics operating in the United States and other democracies. Development and deployment of appropriate strategies, research, and tactics for corporations managing the complexities related to a global economy and shifting political alliances.
Course Learning Objectives 1. Identify societal actors (i.e. shapeholders) that shape business risks and opportunities 2. Understand how to apply the Seven Steps for Shapeholder Success, including: a. Align societal commitments with the company’s core competencies and purpose b. Anticipate shapeholder actions to sidestep conflict and capture opportunities c. Assess whether shapeholder opportunities and risks are legitimate and whether an upside is available to the company d. Advance in areas of mutual interest, Avert unworkable solutions to legitimate concerns, Acquiesce when not worth fighting illegitimate concerns, Assemble to win when facing a political skirmish a company can or must win
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