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Digital Content Creation
Digital Content Creation
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PMGT 6452: Digital Strategy


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Developing and creating effective digital content that promotes campaign narratives and furthers strategic messages. Construct portfolios of original and aggregated digital media content. Skill development in infographics, video, GPS, photo collage, page and site architecture, and texts from 140 characters to blog posts and file attachments. Versioning for different communities, functionalities, and channels including mobile applications.

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This course is replacing PMGT 6218 (but there was a significant revision in the course content and learning objectives and so, we attached a syllabus). IMPORTANTLY, it needs to now be numbered --- PMGT 6470 to align with the overall program re-numbering.

Note -- Along with submitting this new course proposal form with the new course number (PMGT 6470), I submitted an edited form with the old course number, which should eventually be deleted from the course offerings once the changes have been made.
jarkes (Mon, 17 Feb 2014 20:17:06 GMT): Rollback: As discussed.
mokeyc (Tue, 18 Feb 2014 15:53:32 GMT): Judy - I removed and reattached the syllabus. Pleasel let me know if we need to do the same for 6468 - Digital Advertising & Action.
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