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College of Professional Studies
Political Management (PMGT)
Applied Political Communications
Applied Pol. Communications
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Evan Tracey, Carrie Giddins, Joshua Babb
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Models and methods by which professionals plan, produce, and adjust strategic communication messages in democratic politics. Use a variety of communication forms and media, such as, fact sheets, blog posts, video releases, and public addresses, under typical constraints of time, money, information, reputation, talent, audience attentiveness, and institutional procedure. Students to enroll by their sixth course in the program. Core requirement; Must be completed before a student reaches 18 credit hours.

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This course is replacing PMGT 6203 (but there was a significant revision in the course content and learning objectives and so, we attached a syllabus). IMPORTANTLY, it needs to now be numbered --- PMGT 6402 to align with the overall program re-numbering.

Note -- Along with submitting this new course proposal form with the new course number (PMGT 6402), I submitted an edited form with the old course number, which should eventually be deleted from the course offerings once the changes have been made.
jackp (Fri, 31 Jan 2014 16:59:32 GMT): Rollback: Lara, My site shows that the syllabus didn't get uploaded for this course. Could you try again to do that? The link doesn't work and nothing shows up in the "attached files" area. Thanks.
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