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College of Professional Studies
Political Management (PMGT)
Applied Research Project
Applied Research Project
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Field Work (Internship)
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For students in the PMGT online program; taken either in the penultimate or last term in the program


Michael Cornfield
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A research option for students in the online Political Management program. Development of a campaign-relevant research report and related communications on behalf of a mock political client. The report will describe the status quo of a political situation, analyze the factors and actors sustaining that status quo, identify what and who is potentially moveable in the direction the client seeks to go, and outline practical first steps a campaign can take in that direction.

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As the thesis option (as opposed to the "capstone" course, PMGT 6295) has long been available for students in our face-to-face program, so, too, would we like to create a "research" option (as opposed to the Washington Residency, PMGT 6480) for our online students who are either unable to attend the residency or would prefer to focus theoretical research.
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