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College of Professional Studies
Political Management (PMGT)
Washington Residency
Washington Residency
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Taken by PMGT online students in last or penultimate term, or with approval by instructor


David Rehr
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As this course is a six-day intensive residency in Washington, D.C., for our online students to meet with various political specialists, there will be an additional fee to help defray what are expected to be unusually high administrative costs, including booking space off-campus for events, providing for some meals and transportation.

Capstone experience equivalent to PMgt 6495 for students in the online Political Management program. Exposure to and interaction with political consultants, advocacy specialists, elected officials, and applied researchers in Washington, D.C. Integration of program curriculum toward an understanding of the federal political ecosystem and development of a robust political network.

This course will serve as a capstone course for PMGT online MA students. It will be offered each term for one week (in October; March; and July) and it will mostly be held in venues away from the Foggy Bottom campus to accommodate speakers and to attend events around Washington, D.C. It will offer students who are not from Washington an in-depth look at politics and advocacy in the nation's capital.
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While this course is officially part of the approved proposal for the Political Management Program curriculum, which we are looking forward to initiating Fall 2014, we do not anticipate offering this course for the first time until Fall 2015 (that is when the entering 2014-2015 student cohort would first be eligible to take the class).
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