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REL 3151 : The Historical Jesus
Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Religion (REL)
The Historical Jesus
The Historical Jesus
Fall 2017
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REL 3151 - The Historical Jesus
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Comprehensive study of the life and teachings of Jesus with critical attention to sources. Quest for the historical Jesus. Includes a significant engagement in writing as a form of critical inquiry and scholarly expression to satisfy the WID requirement.
As a result of completing this course, students will be able to: 1) Articulate the historical, social, cultural, and religious factors that make it difficult to understand the ancient world of Israel/Palestine at the time of Jesus; 2) Identify or distinguish among the various methods used by scholars to judge which Jesus traditions are authentic; 3) Create a credible portrait of the historical Jesus using appropriate scholarly methods; and 4) Construct a scholarly research paper using the appropriate tools and conventions of a scholar of ancient religion.
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