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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Public Health (PUBH)
P.A./M.P.H. Clinal Leadership Seminar
PA/MPH Clin Leadership Seminar
Summer 2015
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For first-year physician assistant and master of public health program students, an orientation to their roles as health professionals. Special emphasis on preventive and community medicine.
1. To provide PA/MPH students with a professional role identity. 2. To orient PA/MPH students to the concepts and principles of community oriented primary care and community health and preventive medicine 3. To explore the multiple career options available to persons who hold the PA/MPH credential. 4. To increase awareness of community approaches to prevention and to enhance skills in cultural diversity approaches in patient care. 5. To model career and professional possibilities that may be available to persons who hold the PA/MPH credential. 6. To assist PA/MPH students in developing skills in the critical appraisal of the medical and preventive health literature. 7. To develop student skills in teamwork, presentation, and group discussion. 8. To broaden knowledge related to the role of values in public health practice, policy and research. 9. To improve student abilities to apply conceptual frameworks and evidence regarding the multiple determinants of health to the analysis of public health problems and the design of public and community health interventions.
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