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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Public Health (PUBH)
Program Evaluation
Program Evaluation
Fall 2017
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PUBH 6002, PUBH 6003 and PUBH 6007; and PUBH 6435 or PUBH 6500

McDonnell, Rimal, Vyas
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The knowledge, competencies, and skills needed to plan and implement evaluations of public health programs in a variety of settings; types of program evaluation, including needs assessment, process evaluation, quantitative and qualitative monitoring of outputs, outcomes, and impact.
Course Objective – Upon completion of the course, students who have fully participated will be able to: • Explain the major concepts in program evaluation • Perform skills required in conducting program evaluation • Apply program logic models to the design and implementation of program evaluations • Plan a basic public health program evaluation • Demonstrate an understanding of how to assess program evaluations conducted by others • Demonstrate a critical understanding of underlying issues and assumptions that often accompany the use of program evaluation in program, policy and interventions locally, nationally, and globally.
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