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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Public Health (PUBH)
Bridging Health Policy and Health Information Technology
Bridging Health Pol & HIT
Fall 2017
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Basics of health care informatics policy and core technological components for health services managers, public health professionals, health policy analysts, and health information technology staff. Policy and legal frameworks, governance and financial issues, technological infrastructure, and business and technological operations. Concepts and roles of information and how information technology can support the health care industry in promoting quality improvement.
1. Integrate health care policy and operations with health care technology 2. Assess informatics strategy design, development, and deployment for more effective and efficient health care delivery 3. Understand and analyze informatics tools, processes, and methodologies to support process improvement initiatives 4. Discuss how to align informatics strategy, resources, people, processes, and projects with a focus on cost, quality, and delivery outcomes 5. Analyze methods by which meaningful use strategic choices can be continuously evaluated and adjusted as needed 6. Evaluate informatics policy, governance, and cost strategy and the impacts on efficient and effective health care delivery 7. Apply change management strategies in support of health care delivery system’s mission and goals 8. Identify opportunities and best practices in applying health informatics capabilities to facilitate health data exchange and interoperability 9. Synthesize informatics challenges associated with quality, patient safety, and health care delivery performance 10. Research information technology strategy & management principles and explore why these principles are integral to healthcare strategy and success 11. Explore measurement strategies that contribute to investment and program effectiveness and value 12. Examine challenges with healthcare information systems and how these challenges affect process improvements and change management

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