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HIV Policy in the U.S.
HIV Policy in the U.S.
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Examines the policy response to the HIV epidemic in the United States and how the epidemic itself has helped to shape U.S. policy. How and why HIV became a national policy issue; circumstances surrounding the discovery of and early response to HIV; and main policy and programmatic developments and key players over time. The role and implications of the Affordable Care Act for individuals with HIV, the future of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, and the impact of new treatment and prevention strategies on the future course of the epidemic.
By the end of he course students will have: 1. Working knowledge of HIV policy 2. Understanding of major HIV programs and programs serving people with HIV in the U.S. 3. Understanding of the HIV epidemic’s impact in the U.S., including on different populations 4. In-depth understanding of key, timely issues in HIV policy related to prevention, care/treatment, and research 5. Ability to communicate clearly and concisely on these issues to non-expert policy makers
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