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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Public Health (PUBH)
Federal Policymaking and Policy Advocacy
Fed Polmaking & Pol Advocacy
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PUBH 6305

Horton, Seiler, Byrnes
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The federal health policymaking process, including an overview of the legislative, administrative, and judicial processes that affect policymaking. The federal budget, authorization, and appropriation processes. An advocacy campaign framework is used to demonstrate common techniques and strategies used to advance legislative and regulatory policies, including coalition building and the use of policy studies and media relations.
By the end of the course student will have learned: • Key aspects of the federal legislative process and the Congressional budget and appropriations process; • Key aspects of the federal rulemaking process and the development of sub-regulatory policy; • How health policy advocacy plays a role in these processes; • The distinction between health policy advocacy and health policy analysis; • The importance of varied sets of writing and persuasive skills in the development of materials related to health policy advocacy.

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