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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Public Health (PUBH)
Global Environmental and Occupational Health
Global Envrnmtl & Occptnl Hlth
Fall 2016
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Discussion Group
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PUBH 6004

Jay Graham, Ph.D.
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Examination of the global environmental and occupational health factors that contribute significantly to the global burden of disease, focusing primarily on low- and middle-income countries; principles from behavioral sciences, development economics, risk assessment, and epidemiology are included; potential solutions to environmental health problems, metrics used to measure impacts, and areas for future research.
Upon completion of the course, students will be able to: • Identify major global environmental and occupational health hazards and explain how hazards differ among low-income, middle-income and high-income countries. • Describe the role of poverty as an influence on environmental health in developing countries. • Identify key environmental and occupational health interventions that have been shown to be effective at reducing morbidity and mortality • Describe the relationships among economic development, environmental management, and human health. • Identify and critically analyze key levers used for improving environmental health conditions • Develops science-based evidence to advocate for more effective and efficient environmental health practice
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