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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Public Health (PUBH)
Applied Data Analysis in Environmental and Occupational Health
Applied Data Analysis in EOH
Fall 2017
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PUBH 6002, PUBH 6003 and PUBH 6004

Kate Applebaum, ScD
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Application of biostatistical and epidemiologic concepts and methods to analysis of environmental and occupational health (EOH) data. Students manage datasets, conduct data analyses, present data graphically, and interpret data for relevance to EOH research, policy, and practice. Development and practice of skills needed for analyzing complex exposures and communicating environmental and occupational research findings.
At the end of the course students will be able to: • Apply SAS software in examination of environmental and occupational epidemiologic data • Generate descriptive statistics and present clearly in tables and plots #1, 2 • Clean raw data and create variables for analysis #1, 2 • Analyze and interpret epidemiologic data using crude and adjusted data methods including pooling methods and linear and logistic regression • Explain different exposure metrics used in analyses and their advantages and disadvantages • Build epidemiologic models that consider effect measure modification
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