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CPS 6300 : Capstone Research Project
College of Professional Studies
Professional Studies - Public Relations (PSPR)
Media Relations in a Digital World
Media Relations in Digital Wld
Fall 2017
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Media relations from the perspective of public relations and public affairs; the state of contemporary media, both on- and offline, and its impact on commerce, politics, and the social contract; key factors influencing reportorial and editorial coverage of business, government, and nonprofit interests.
After completing this course, students should be able to:
1.Apply new knowledge and skills in media relations and social media in a political, governmental, association or corporate setting
2. Develop and evaluate media strategies, including digital media, in both proactive and reactive situations
3. Write effective news releases and press kit materials (print & digital)
4.. Evaluate the ethical practices of journalists and communications professionals
5. Evaluate social media tools and develop content
6. Identify strategies for you to become an informed news consumer and more complete
communications professional
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This is just an edit to the course title - from "Media Relations in the New Media World" to "Media Relations in a Digital World".
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