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College of Professional Studies
Professional Studies-Publishing (PSPB)
Sales Management, Strategy, and Positioning
Sales Mgmt,Strat.,Positioning
Fall 2017
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Essentials of sales strategy and marketing for books, magazines, and e-content products.
At the conclusion of this eight-week course students will:
 Understand the role of the Sales Manager within the organization
 Demonstrate a knowledge of the publishing landscape
 Be able to position their organizations within that landscape
 Develop a mission statement with organization branding
 Pull together all the elements of a seasonal sales plan, including: budget and release
schedule for a list of eight publications targeted at different industry segments; revenue
projections for the first three years of sales; metadata spreadsheet for Amazon
 Understand the different selling strategies, channels and sales calendars for trade, college,
K-12, academic and library/reference, magazines.
 Understand the relationships among price, print run, discounts, revenues
 Understand the different revenue potential of multiple formats: eBook, hardcover, trade
paperback, mass market, college/el-hi text, online big package, subsidiary rights
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