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College of Professional Studies
Professional Studies-Publishing (PSPB)
Editorial Content, Rights, and Permissions
Fall 2017
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The meaning of rights in the publishing world; what editors need to know in order to negotiate terms for rights that they wish to acquire; how the emerging electronic and digital marketplace affects permissions and rights.

At the completion of this course students should have:

- An understanding of the interplay/relationship between copyright and permissions.
- An understanding of the basic types of author contracts and the implications for using each type.
- Knowledge and understanding of the permissions process, including best practices for seeking and granting permission.
- Knowledge and understanding of proper reuse and licensing of photos and illustrations.
- An understanding of the function and use of subsidiary rights in expanding the reach of a publishing program.
- An understanding of how rights and permissions affect the editorial process, and vice versa.
- A working knowledge of the language used various licenses and contracts used throughout the rights and permissions process.
- A basic foundation and understanding of libel law.
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