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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Sociology (SOC)
Senior Research Seminar
Senior Research Seminar
Fall 2017
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Special Topics
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sociology majors
SOC 2101 or SOC 2102; and SOC 2103 or SOC 2104

Tuch, Eglitis
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Directed research and writing on sociological topics. Preparation of a research proposal and a literature review.
* Expand their capacity for critical thinking through the careful reading, discussion, analysis, and critique of published research in academic journals and books; * increase their data literacy through rigorous use of databases to research the selected project topic; * expand their knowledge of sociological research methods by applying them to a research project; * improve their understanding of sociological theory and its use in sociological analysis through application of theory in the research project; * expand their capacity to make an evidence-based argument in the context of a sociological inquiry; * sharpen their written communication skills through the drafting, writing, editing, and completion of an individual research paper; and * increase their skills and experience in professional-level oral communication through participation in a mock conference presentation.

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