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Viewing: SOC 2151 : Jackie Robinson: Race, Sports, and the American Dream

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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Sociology (SOC)
Jackie Robinson: Race, Sports, and the American Dream
Jackie Robinson: Race, Sports
Fall 2016
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Richard Zamoff
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How Jackie Robinson’s struggles and accomplishments can help in understanding current issues in race, sport, and U.S. society. The background leading to, and the impact emanating from, Robinson’s entry into major league baseball.
Having completed this course, students will be able to: 1.Understand the historical and sociological significance of the relationship between race and sport in America. 2.Understand why many of the events related to sport that transcend sport are intimately connected to race. 3.Discuss the historical and sociological significance of minority athletes such as Jack Johnson, Jesse Owens, Joe Louis, Hank Greenberg, Mohammad Ali, Arthur Ashe, Babe Didrikson Zaharias, Billie Jean King, Sandy Koufax, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Lebron James, Michael Vick, Danica Patrick, Michael Sam, and Jayson Collins. 4.Discuss the importance of the Negro Leagues in America and in Blackcommunities. 5.Understand the difference between minority sport “celebrities” and “heroes.” 6.Understand Jackie Robinson’s role in America as a legitimate civil rights hero. 7.Compare Jackie Robinson’s experiences in sport to the experiences of pioneers (racial, ethnic, gender) in other sports and in other fields in American society. 8.Discuss Jackie Robinson’s contributions as a social and community activist. 9.Discuss Rachel Robinson’s role in her husband’s life and her preservation and promotion of his legacy.
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