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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Biological Sciences (BISC)
Biochemistry I
Biochemistry I
Fall 2017
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CHEM 3165 - Biochemistry I
BISC 1115 and 1125; and BISC 1116 and BISC 1126, CHEM 2151 and CHEM 2152; course equivalents may be substituted for BISC 1115 and 1125; and BISC 1116 and BISC 1126 at the discretion of the instructor


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CHEM 3165 - Biochemistry I
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Introduction to the chemistry of living cells; structure and function of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids; enzyme structure, mechanism, and regulation.
● Use a chemical logic perspective to transform knowledge and extrapolate why nature does what it does. ● Explain why water, oxygen, and pH are so important for life. ● Describe the various types of molecules in the cells and how they are important for normal cellular functions. ● Describe what proteins do in cells. ● Explain how we metabolize glucose and fat and why they are good and bad for you. ● Explain why one type of pill is smaller than another for the same ailment. ● Think analytically and critically to answer questions and topics not explicitly discussed in class: that is apply your knowledge. ● Explore the value of new scientific discovery: read and understand biochemistry papers and understand the basis of health-related news. ● Effectively communicate in an audience-dependent manner biological events. ● Explain what food is and how fructose is worse than glucose for our liver.
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