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College of Professional Studies
College of Professional Studies (CPS)
Climate Change Economics
Climate Change Economics
Summer 2016
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Energy use in built environments with an emphasis on fundamental drivers of energy demand, strategies to promote energy efficiency, and essential features of energy supply; the relationship between energy demand and supply in development.; how advances in construction technology can help counter greenhouse gas emissions.
Understand fundamental properties of energy demand, efficiency, and supply in the economy with a specific emphasis on the building sector. Skill: Understand the primary sources of information on global and national energy use trends. Understand strategies to estimate and manage demand in the building sector. Skill: Demonstrate how to use Excel to create demand growth scenarios. Understand the limitations of such scenarios Understand strategies to promote energy efficiency. Skill: Demonstrate how to use Excel to model the impact of efficiency strategies. Understand strategies for energy supply. Skill: Demonstrate the use of common tools to estimate the availability of on-site renewable energy supply. Develop and practice skills for modeling single buildings. Skill: Demonstrate the use of an energy model to simulate energy demand and evaluate efficiency scenarios. Develop and practice skills for modeling neighborhoods. Skill: Create a spreadsheet model to estimate neighborhood-scale energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Develop and practice skills to evaluate building and neighborhood-scale energy use and emissions to community-wide goals. Skill: Demonstrate the ability to understand and evaluate correspondence between municipal energy plans and individual projects
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