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College of Professional Studies
College of Professional Studies (CPS)
Research Methods II: Advanced Geospatial and Econometric Analysis
Research Methods II
Fall 2015
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PSUS 6203


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Builds upon the skills learned in PSUS 6203. Application of econometric and geospatial analysis in the field of sustainable urban and regional planning. Emphasis on objectivity and use of the scientific method to form defensible, evidence-based policy.
Explain and apply the scientific method. Use the scientific method to design research strategies relevant to questions that arise in the practice of sustainable urban planing. Develop, articulate, and answer research questions based on individualized interests and professional goals. Analyze geographically referenced data. Use economic theory to motivate, develop, and implement econometric models. Blend the tools of geographic analysis and econometric analysis (in the form of spatial econometric analysis) to probe policy-relevant questions. Verbally explain the results, findings, and implications of geospatial and econometric analysis in plain-spoken terms. Write reports and technical essays explaining research findings in a manner accessible to a broad audience.
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