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College of Professional Studies
College of Professional Studies (CPS)
Sustainable Communities I: Housing and Design
Sustainable Communities I
Fall 2015
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Community development with a focus on policy and the various sectors of interest that affect contemporary urbanization. How policies, planning techniques, and implementation strategies form the core work of planning practitioners. Topics include water supply, food deserts, public health, and urban resilience. Pathways to more sustainable communities are explored through the policy arenas in which key decisions are made; key sectors that make up the fabric of communities; and special topics that have emerged as critical challenges for sustainable community development
Identify policies relevant to the individual elements that make of the fabric of communities, including people, buildings, neighborhoods, transportation systems, and more. Explain and articulate policy frameworks developed within decision-making (political) arenas. Identify the roles of governments and other organizations operating at the national, state, local, and neighborhood levels. Apply policies aimed at, among other things, greening urban environments; enhancing rural sustainability; promoting economic development; supporting equity and environmental justice; and mitigating natural disasters.
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MBA Prof - Sustainability

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