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College of Professional Studies
College of Professional Studies (CPS)
Research Methods I: Geospatial and Econometric Analysis
Research Methods I
Fall 2015
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Focus on developing proficiency in geographic information systems (GIS) and econometric analysis, a method of statistical analysis for measuring the relationships at work in socioeconomic phenomena. Building and analyzing spatial datasets, specifically using ArcGIS and Stata statistical software.
Students will learn two complementary tools of analysis for urban planners: (1) Geographic information systems (GIS) and (2) statistical methods for measuring, comparing, and identifying relationships among different variables. Students will leave the course with the ability to: Explain the scientific method. Articulate the relevance of geospatial and econometric analysis to the practice of sustainable urban planning. Build and manage geographic and economic data sets. Use ArcGIS for standard and customized geospatial analysis. Use Stata for standard and customized econometric analysis. Develop clear research questions based on individualized interests and professional goals. Explain (verbally in writing) the results, findings, and implications of basic geospatial and econometric analysis.
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