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College of Professional Studies
College of Professional Studies (CPS)
Principles of Sustainable Urban and Regional Planning
Principles of Sustainability
Fall 2015
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The environmental, social, and economic elements of sustainability. Present and future challenges, including environmental management, energy policy, financial crises, global warming, inequality, public education, third and first world slums, the success and failure of nations, urban agriculture, urban economics, and more. The implications of sustainable development and conducting research based on evidenced-based policy. Students focus on the work of researchers outside of the planning field as they write a series of research essays containing reviews of relevant scientific literature.
Articulate the relevance of sustainability to the practice of urban and regional planning. Recognize that a key challenge of sustainability is that the exact meaning of the concept is often elusive. Explain the “triple bottom line” of environmental, social, and economic sustainability by distinguishing each element – and describing how they interact with one another. Distinguish between subjective and objective measures of sustainability – including how the concept of sustainability varies through time, among cultures, within institutional frameworks, across geographic space, and more. Process and comprehend others’ interpretations of sustainability. Codify sustainability as a concrete policy concept. Apply the concept of sustainability to individualized problems, policy concerns, and professional goals.
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