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College of Professional Studies
Professional Studies in Molecular Biology (PSMB)
Capstone Project
Capstone Project
Fall 2016
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Dr. Mark Reeves
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Issues and standards for ethical conduct of research; career paths in biotechnology; career development tools; scientific written and oral communication, including developing proposals for research funding. Students are required to visit GW's Center for Career Services and to attend select seminars and colloquia.
Content Objectives: 1. Be able to explain and discuss: • the nature of research processes and methods • ethical conduct of research 2. Be able to analyze and interpret research articles and proposals 3. Create an excellent report on the student’s research project and make an effective oral presentation 4. Be able to explain career paths in bioinformatics and biotechnology and demonstrate how to apply for employment and admission to graduate schools. Skills Objectives: 1. Organize and present information in the style of scientific talks 2. Write articles in the style of scientific papers in research publications 3. Obtain information from the career center and conduct informational interviews to learn about biotechnology career paths 4. Complete a course assignment to write a mock proposal
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