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College of Professional Studies
Professional Studies in Molecular Biology (PSMB)
Entrepreneurship and Technology Venture Creation
Entrprnrshp&Tech Venture Creat
Fall 2016
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Dr. Richard G. Donnelly
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The process of innovation-entrepreneurship used to launch and build new ventures, with emphasis on technology ventures; organizing for innovation, raising venture capital, wealth creation, managing the small technology-based venture, marketing information technology products and services.
The course builds understanding of how new ventures and small firms develop new technology products and services. The twin goals of the course are to: 1) improve management of startup ventures by technologist-entrepreneurs; and 2) increase awareness of issues of technology innovation for non-technical managers and professionals involved in technology ventures. At the conclusion of the course, the student should have working familiarity with the process of launching new independent ventures involving technology as well as the approaches taken to operate entrepreneurially within established businesses.

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