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College of Professional Studies
Professional Studies in Molecular Biology (PSMB)
Introduction to Quantitative Biotechnology
Intro Quant Biotech
Fall 2016
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Dr. Mark Reeves
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The study of biology from a physics perspective; quantitative biology; modeling and predicting an organism's reaction to the environment to enable new technologies for disease detection, prevention, and cure; application of mathematical and physical models to the understanding of cellular biology.
At the conclusion of the course the student will be able to: • Describe quantitatively cells, cell structure, and cellular dynamics • Build mathematical models based on the laws physics • Build mathematical models of biomolecular interactions • Code those models into python to simulate processes in living systems • Apply model-building and coding to simulate the function of biotechnology systems
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This course will lay the groundwork for you to bring a physics viewpoint to the study of biology. In particular, there has been for a number of years a growing movement towards quantitative biology, with momentum moving into the way we teach our courses. To put it simply, being able to model and predict an organisms reaction to the environment will enable new technologies for disease detection, prevention, and cure. Thus, in this course, you will get insight into this way of thinking about important scientific problems, particularly in applying mathematical and physical models to your understanding of cellular biology.
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