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College of Professional Studies
Professional Studies - Public Relations (PSPR)
Integrated Marketing Communications
Integrated Marketing/Comm
Spring 2016
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degree candidacy in the MPS in the Field of Strategic Public Relations program and/or graduate status in the School of Business or School of Media and Public Affairs

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The evolution of integrated marketing communications as a means by which for-profit and nonprofit enterprises extend the reach and influence of public relations and public affairs; traditional and non-traditional communications approaches and technologies.
Course Learning Objectives After completing this course, you should be able to demonstrate:  A working knowledge of and experience with applying principles of strategic marketing communications  Enhanced business communications skills (written and oral)  Practical experience providing strategic counsel and program execution By the completion of this course, you should have:  The knowledge and analytical abilities necessary to successfully develop, implement, and evaluate integrated marketing strategy and marketing communications.  Enhanced business communications skills, as you will be challenged to present and defend your analyses succinctly and clearly.  A marketing tool box to successfully implement your strategies.

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