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College of Professional Studies
College of Professional Studies (CPS)
Administrative Law
Administrative Law
Spring 2016
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An introduction to administrative and regulatory law; history and development of administrative law; agency, due process, agency actions, administrative investigation and hearings, and judicial review.
Research, locate and analyze enabling statutes. Explain the differences between substantive, procedural, and interpretative rules. Navigate the Administrative Procedure Act, administrative case law, statutes, regulations, Executive Orders, the Federal Register, the Freedom of Information Act, and agency Web sites. Identify the statutes and regulations that apply to various agencies. Discuss the characteristics of formal and informal adjudication in federal agencies. Explain and apply the following concepts: ex parte communications, discovery, subpoenas, burden of proof, decision, order, Administrative Law Judge, Administrative Judge, Hearing Officer, Hearing Examiner, arbitration, and mediation. Illustrate the procedures for and involved in an adjudicatory hearing. Compare licensing proceedings with "entitlements" proceedings. Summarize the elements of agency discretion. Identify the safeguards that legislatures create to prevent agency abuse of discretion. Distinguish between substantive due process and procedural due process. Define judicial review. Explore access and barriers to judicial review. Explain standing, ripeness, and other legal concepts. Differentiate between standards of judicial review. Identify the kinds of agency investigation procedures and evaluate the constitutional limitations on those procedures. Discuss ethical considerations associated with administrative law practice.
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