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College of Professional Studies (CPS)
Spring 2016
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Legal technology and the rules of court, procedure, and evidence; technical and substantive skills necessary for effective litigation support.
Identify, analyze, and anticipate the stages of a standard civil action Manage client files, preserve client confidences, and support the representation of a party to a lawsuit from the initial client interview through post-appellate judgment collection Research and apply procedural law relevant to lawsuits Draft litigation documents including pleadings, motions, and other court required forms Conduct client and witness interviews orally Research and analyze the information necessary to the conduct of a civil action using government resources, commercial resources, and electronic sources Coordinate the management of complex litigation Utilize technology to manage large numbers of documents for case management, exhibit preparation, and e-discovery Recognize and develop familiarity with important litigation support software and online resources including LexisNexis; Westlaw; Concordance; etc. Understand ethical considerations such as confidentiality and unauthorized practice of law in litigation paralegal practice
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