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College of Professional Studies
College of Professional Studies (CPS)
American Jurisprudence
American Jurisprudence
Spring 2016
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An introduction to the foundations, theories, history, and applications of the American legal system; local, state, and federal courts and sources of law; and ethics and professionalism issues of especial importance to paralegals.
Understand and identify the fundamentals of legal ethics including the confidentiality, conflicts of interest, and the unauthorized practice of law. Identify the role of the paralegal and the paralegal profession in the practice of law. Compare and contrast the categories and sources of law. Understand, describe, and explain the structure of the legal system in the United States. Evaluate and analyze a legal opinion and draft clear and concise summaries of case law and legal articles. Draft legal correspondence and memoranda to explain basic legal analysis. When given a fact pattern, identify the legal issues, analyze and apply legal precedent to provide a recommendation or outcome. Understand, explain, and analyze fundamental legal principles in the areas of family law, business entities, contracts, torts, crimes, and civil procedure. Research legal statutes, codes, and rules to identify and analyze legal requirements in the formation of business entities, contracts, basic criminal elements, and tort law. Communicate and orally present an in depth legal concept in a poised, profession, and effective matter with the use of technology to enhance the communication
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