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PSPB 6259 : E-Publishing Tools
College of Professional Studies
Professional Studies-Publishing (PSPB)
Electronic Publishing: Infrastructure and Architecture
E-Publishing: Infrast&Architec
Fall 2017
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PSPB 6251


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Emerging content technologies, including software and hardware components of a typical publishing system, the enabling standards, and an introduction to publishing systems architecture.
t completion of this course students will be able to: - Specify the essential components of a digital publishing system - Apply a content management system for web-based publishing - Apply various content markup languages, including HTML and XML, to content sets - Analyze a publishing system architecture - Write a set of requirements for a publishing system - Detail an XML publishing workflow - Select an appropriate set of publishing technologies and architectures based on business requirements - Make sound recommendations on technology and standards adoption for a publishing organization - Serve as advisor on publishing technologies within their organizations - Participate in the management of a publishing project - Effectively collaborate with colleagues using web-based tools
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