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College of Professional Studies
Professional Studies-Publishing (PSPB)
Book and Journal Publishing
Book and Journal Publishing
Fall 2015
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Overview of the book and journal publishing industry and the opportunities and challenges it presents. Major functions of a publishing house and stages of publishing, including editorial, design, production, sales, marketing, and distribution. Publishing house finances.
1) Learn the basic fundamentals of book and journal publishing; 2) Evaluate and propose a publishing project from concept through to publication; 3) Analyze and understand the financial implications of book and journal publishing; 4) Develop a marketing and sales plan for both books and journals; 5) Describe the basic steps of the publishing process from manuscript to bound book; 6) Grasp the current state of the publishing business as it migrates from a print- based model to a digital-first environment; 7) Effectively communicate publishing concepts and strategies from an expanded base of knowledge.
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