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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Public Policy and Public Administration (PPPA)
Politics and Policy Analysis
Politics and Policy Analysis
Summer 2017
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Foundations of the public policy field; the role of policy analysts in the policy making process; agenda setting, decision making, policy implementation, program evaluation, and policy feedback.
• Define policy analysis and explain how the work undertaken by policy analysts varies across settings and has changed over time.
• Develop and analyze policy proposals across key criteria (e.g., effectiveness, sustainability) in order to provide clear policy recommendations.
• Understand policy feedback effects and accurately assess the likelihood of successful policy implementation and policy sustainability over time.
• Appreciate the political and institutional constraints on policymakers, policy analysts, and policy proposals within our system of governance.
• Recognize the significance of agenda setting as a form of political power and develop strategies for increasing attention to overlooked problems or perspectives.
• Evaluate the role of interest groups, coalitions, and policy networks in organizing political conflict and shaping policy outcomes.
• Appreciate the challenges and opportunities facing a policy analyst in our political institutions and develop strategies for increasing the odds that your policy analysis will be appropriately used.
• Recognize the advantages and limitations of policy analysis within a representative democracy, and critically evaluate the appropriate role for policy analysts in the policymaking process,
• Understand the interdependence of politics and public policy—how political forces shape policy choices and how policy choices reshape future political dynamics.
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