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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Public Health (PUBH)
Global Health Program Evaluation
GH Program Evaluation
Fall 2016
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PubH 6002

Sangeeta Mookherji
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Fundamentals of program monitoring and evaluation; developing and using program theory in evaluation; impact evaluation and mixed-methods approaches; qualitative methods and statistical analysis for program evaluation.
1. Apply fundamental program monitoring and evaluation concepts, designs, and methods.

2. Develop a comprehensive program theory that will guide the design and implementation of evaluation activities.

3. Develop a theory-based evaluation plan that includes program theory, program indicators, measurement of contextual factors, sampling approach, data collection methods, and analysis plan.

4. Choose evaluation methodologies that will balance real-world limitations on budget, time, and data to generate the most robust evidence possible.

This course is relevant for the following MPH@gwu competencies:
• Conduct core program evaluations and complete an assessment of program outcomes, achievements, impacts and shortcomings. Communicate findings to stakeholders.
• Apply relevant qualitative and quantitative tools and concepts to inform policy analyses for different audiences and topics.
• Develop concise written and oral policy analyses for different audiences; identify the key strategies required to protect and advance health.
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