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Viewing: PHYS 1026 : University Physics II with Biological Applications

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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Physics (PHYS)
University Physics II with Biological Applications
University Physics II-BIO
Fall 2017
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PHYS 1021 or PHYS 1025; and MATH 1232


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PHYS 1022 - University Physics II
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Periodic motion waves, and classical electromagnetism using calculus. Waves and sound. Electrostatics, Gauss’s law, capacitance. Electric resistance, electric current. Magnetism. Electrostatics in ionic solutions and cells, circuit models for nerves and ion channels. Geometric and physical optics. Physics principles and problem solving taught with examples and problems from the life sciences. Laboratory fee. Credit cannot be earned for both PHYS 1022 and PHYS 1026.
1. Explain and analyze key concepts related to electricity, magnetism, circuits, optics, and waves. 2. Identify what physical principles are at play and what laws guide the outcomes, particularly in living systems. 3. Apply basic physical principles to solve practical problems. 4. Set up and carry on solutions to complex, multi-step problems based on the physical principles at play. 5. Apply calculus concepts to analyze changes in physical systems. 6. Develop habits of learning new scientific concepts independently, through reading and practice problems.
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Gen Ed: Nat or Phys Sci

Key: 6971