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College of Professional Studies
College of Professional Studies (CPS)
Urban and Environmental Economics
Urban Economics
Fall 2015
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The application of neoclassical economics to problems faced by practitioners of the field of sustainable urban and regional planning. Key economic concepts including supply and demand, consumption and production, markets and market failure, and measurement of environmental and other non-market commodities. An economist’s perspective on the principals and methods for understanding urban and environmental challenges and solutions, urban growth, environmental quality, public policy, and other issues fundamental to contemporary development.
Articulate the relevance of economics to sustainable urban planning. Distinguish between positive and normative economic analysis. Describe the subfields of urban economics and environmental economics – and the relationship between the two. Recognize role that geographic space plays in mediating economic behavior and outcomes. Relate economic theory to the development and implementation of econometric models. Explain how economics is used to form and evaluate urban and environmental policy. Use the tools of urban and environmental economics to structure applied research questions relevant to sustainable urban and regional planning.
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