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College of Professional Studies
Professional Studies in Public Leadership (PSPL)
Leading OPI Initiatives
Leading OPI Initiatives
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This course will prepare students to design, plan, lead, and manage organization performance improve-ment initiatives. Students will learn a variety of approaches for designing initiatives, and criteria for se-lecting the most effective approaches for their initiatives. Students will gain increased understanding of organization dynamics and change processes, and develop the ability to craft a strategy for leading the changes required by their initiatives. Students will learn practical methods and tools for planning and managing each of the phases of their change initiatives. Particular emphasis will be placed on the application of concepts and skills learned in the course to the design and development of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt projects, which are to be implemented in subsequent classes. However, students who are interested in other types of organizational change initiatives are also welcome to enroll.

This course is specifically designed to enable students in the Graduate Certificate Program in Organization Performance Improvement to design the change initiative they will implement as part of their later coursework. This course prepares those who seek the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt to take on the challenges of leading and managing the black belt level performance improvement initiatives required to complete the Organization Process Design and Process Improvement Project classes which follow. Successful completion of this class will provide students a “running start” because they will have defined and scoped their initiatives and begun to put the appropriate support structures in place for their implementation. A critical feature of the course is that students will receive individual coaching to assist them in develop-ing their proposed organization performance initiatives. In addition, the course will provide links to outside resources so that students may explore chosen subjects in greater detail.
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