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School of Nursing
Nursing (NURS)
Palliative Care Practicum
Palliative Care Practicum
Summer 2017
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Provides the advanced practice nurse with the opportunity to practice within an interdisciplinary healthcare team, integrating concepts from core courses to the holistic management of suffering, pain, and other symptoms.
1. Establish a caring and supportive relationship with patients who have advanced life threatening illness and their families to communicate effectively about difficult goals of care and healthcare decision making
2. Engage in holistic assessment of pain and quality of life of patients with advanced illness including AIDS, cancer and serious illness in a variety of settings under the direction of a skilled clinician in palliative care.
3. Provide care within an interdisciplinary healthcare team to meet the comprehensive needs of patients with advanced life threatening illness and their families
4. Develop effective communication and leadership in the advanced practice nursing role in collaboration with the palliative care team, family meetings, and patient support groups.

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Will be a part of new PCNP requirements. Variable credit of 1-3 for certificate students. May be repeated up to 3 credits. Students need 3-credits of Nurs 6279 to meet PCNP certificate and DNP-PCNP requirements, effective Summer 2017.
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