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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Political Science (PSC)
Political Economy of Developing Areas
Political Econ-Dev Areas
Spring 2016
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Comparative analysis of how development problems have been defined from both political and economic perspectives and the solutions proposed by outsiders and insiders. Emphasis on the rise, demise, and recovery of development orthodoxies.
• Identify, name, select, classify and appropriately apply to empirical reality concepts relating to the political economy of the developing world, such as state, development and modernization; have an appreciation for the contrasting ways in which these concepts have been interpreted theoretically; and have an appreciation for the range of differences in how these concepts have been manifested across two or more countries of the developing world;
• Distinguish, analyze, criticize, and synthesize core concepts relating to political economy and development; describe, analyze, interrogate and explain relationships between these concepts, as they have been manifest in real world events in the developing world;
• Design, illustrate and deliver an oral presentation on an assigned topic relevant to the main themes of the seminar; and
• Design, research, create, construct, compose and produce an academic product (graduate research paper) appropriate to the discipline of political science on a question relevant to one or more of the main themes of the seminar that you develop in consultation with the instructor.
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This course was deactivated inadvertently. I have updated the course description, attached a syllabus, and outlined the learning outcomes.

I will ask the course that I put in its place, PSC 6337, be rolled back to the department.
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