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School of Business
Business Administration (BADM)
Business Law and Ethics
Business Law and Ethics
Spring 2016
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An introduction to practical reasoning at the intersection of business and society. Emphasis on application of ethics frameworks and core principles of business law to problems of individual, organizational, and social responsibility in business.
1) Map out a personal sense of purpose in business and to develop a hierarchy of personal commitments and values; 2) Understand the interplay between personal and organizational values and law; 3) Develop a vocabulary and conceptual framework for making sense of the normative challenges of business life; 4) Provide a foundation for understanding the role of legal norms in business, especially those evolved by the common law; 5) Develop the ability to articulate and defend normative claims; 6) Develop the ability to write argumentatively in a persuasive manner; 7) Develop sensitivity for each other’s values and aspirations; and 8) Learn how to work cooperatively and effectively in small groups.
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