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School of Nursing
Nursing (NURS)
The Health Care Enterprise
The Health Care Enterprise
Summer 2016
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HSCI 6241 - The Health Care Enterprise



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HSCI 6241 - The Health Care Enterprise
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Overview of general management business principles related to health care systems. Management of patient-centered care delivery; strategic health care leadership; organizational, marketing, and fiscal management principles.
1. Evaluate a healthcare enterprise mission, vision and values statement. 2. Apply financial principles in strategic business decision-making and evaluation. 3. Apply marketing strategies towards the cultivation of a customer and stakeholder base. 4. Relate principles of organizational culture to the enterprise in order to understand how culture develops and changes. 5. Utilize relevant data and quality improvement techniques to support strategic, analytical and critical thinking skills. 6. Evaluate strategies for successfully embracing the legal and regulatory influences in the healthcare environment. 7. Develop critical thinking, analytical capabilities, and creative insights that support leadership development in the context of environmental changes affecting the healthcare enterprise. 8. Integrate strategic components of healthcare management through the development of a strategic plan.
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