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NURS 8414 : DNP Residency
School of Nursing
Nursing (NURS)
Genetics for Health Care Providers
Genetics for HC Providers
Fall 2017
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Basic scientific principles of genetics and their clinical applications.
1. Describe the relationship of genetics and genomics to health, prevention, screening, diagnostics, prognostics, and treatment, 2. Recognize the common inheritance patterns seen in major health problems with genetic links, 3. Take a family history and record a three generation pedigree for a patient using standardized symbols and terminology, 4. Conduct an appropriate assessment of the patient based upon an understanding of the pedigree, 5. Identify patients who may benefit from specific genetic and genomic information and/or services, be able to locate those resources, and provide them where appropriate, 6. Facilitate referrals for specialized services as needed, collaborating with other members of the healthcare team, 7. Advocate for client access to genetic/genomic services and resources as needed, 8. Identify the ethical and professional issues presented by patient case studies.
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