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School of Nursing
Nursing (NURS)
Health Information and Technology
Health Info and Technology
Summer 2016
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Key issues and concepts related to the use of technology and information management to support the provision of high quality health care and outcomes.
1. Identify and discuss current and emerging information system, patient care technology, workflow (re)design and related issues to support and enhance care outcomes with diverse patient populations. 2. Utilize technology to effectively communicate in the exchange of information that supports the provision of quality health care. 3. Discuss the importance of advocating for the use of technologies that support the provision of high quality, safe care. 4. Summarize how health systems use current and emerging technologies to support patient, family, and personal learning. 5. Explore how health information and technology are used within the workplace to enhance the provision of safe, quality care. 6. Identify decision support tools and safeguards embedded in technologies and information systems to support a safe practice environment for patients and healthcare workers. 7. Discuss how standardized terminology is used in the care environment to reflect nursing’s contributions to patient outcomes. 8. Explain how outcome data from a variety of sources, including technology, are used to inform the delivery of quality care. 9. Identify and explain ethical standards to promote confidentiality, clients’ rights to privacy, data security, and care provision consistent with regulatory requirements.
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