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Concepts in Population Health
Concepts in Population Health
Summer 2016
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Graduate-level nurses integrate and synthesize concepts associated with quality, health promotion, disease prevention, and chronic health problems with communities, the general population, and specific population groups. Issues related to culturally diverse and vulnerable populations.
1. Compare, contrast and identify sources of data (social, epidemiological, behavioral, environmental, educational, and ecological) that allow the disciplines of epidemiology, public health and nursing to draw inferences, and develop goals and objectives regarding the health status of client populations 2. Assess, plan, and critically evaluate community level care incorporating theoretical frameworks and evidence based practice 3. Recognize the variants in health, including physiologic variations, in a wide range of cultural, racial, ethnic, age, and gender groups that may influence their care 4. Synthesize concepts, including psychosocial dimensions and cultural diversity, related to disease prevention and population health in developing, implementing, and evaluating interventions to address health promotion/disease prevention efforts, improve health status/access patterns, and/or address gaps in care of individual, aggregates, or populations 5. Evaluate care delivery strategies using concepts related to community, environmental and occupational health and cultural and socioeconomic dimensions of health 6. Apply a critical thinking framework to respond effectively to emergency and disaster events

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