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Nursing (NURS)
Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurs
Fall 2017
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NURS 3110W, NURS 3111, NURS 3112, NURS 3113 and NURS 3118


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Theoretical principles, concepts, and skills applicable to the provision of safe and effective nursing interventions to clients across the lifespan who are experiencing psychiatric and mental health conditions.
1. Apply theories, concepts and philosophies of psychiatric-mental health nursing to interventions, strategies and outcomes of nursing care in the psychiatric-mental health environment
2. Describe the legal rights for clients experiencing psychiatric conditions.
3. Incorporate therapeutic communication skills when interacting with clients and families.
4. Demonstrate ability to communicate effectively with members of the multidisciplinary healthcare team in meeting the needs of the client with a mental health problem.
5. Utilize the nursing process to plan and provide care for clients with psychiatric disorders or mental health illness and their families.
6. Discuss various psychotherapeutic treatment modalities, including psychopharmacology.
7. Demonstrate ability to perform a client centered interview and a psychiatric nursing assessment.
8. Analyze systematically collected information when providing, safe, quality, client-centered care.
9. Identify evidence-based client-centered teaching and learning.
10. Identify appropriate community resources for mental health care.
11. Demonstrate clinical competency as outlined in the BSN Clinical Evaluation Tool
12. Exhibit professional behaviors that enhance quality care consistent with the ANA standards of care.
13. Synthesize and assimilate the various roles of the nurse as a member of the health care team in the psychiatric setting.
14. Interrelate characteristics of culture to promote congruence and facilitate the delivery of culturally competent care.

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Key: 6302