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Nursing (NURS)
Adult and Aging Acute and Chronic Illness
Adult and Aging Acute and Chro
Fall 2017
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The values, knowledge and competencies at the foundation of safe, evidence-based, professional holistic nursing care of adults with common medical and surgical needs.
Course Objectives
1. Describe the anatomy and physiology of body systems organized by function.
2. Describe common pathophysiological processes for body systems.
3. Using the nursing process, formulate a holistic plan of care for clients
experiencing selected common pathophysiological conditions.
4. Identify interventions, their clinical usefulness, significance, possible
complications, and nursing responsibilities for clients experiencing selected
common pathophysiological conditions.
5. Identify expected outcomes for specific interventions and criteria for making them
6. Explain components of health promotion, risk reduction, disease prevention, and
illness management of selected common pathophysiological conditions.
7. Describe the role of the nurse in assuring patient safety, quality of care, continuity
of care, patient confidentiality, and ethical care.
8. Describe components of a critical-thinking model for clinical decision-making.
9. Discuss critical thinking skills used in nursing practice.
10. Discuss methods of incorporating evidence into nursing practice.
11. Identify general and specific nursing interventions related to the needs of older
12. Utilize concept mapping as a means of developing an individual plan of care
based on assessment and pathophysiology.

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Key: 6298