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This course was replaced with NURS 3110W for all students.
School of Nursing
Nursing (NURS)
Transition into the Nursing Profession
Transition: Nursing Profession
Fall 2017
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NURS 3110W - Transition into the Nursing Profession



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NURS 3110W - Transition into the Nursing Profession
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Historical and evolutionary perspectives in nursing in the context of current issues and trends in health care delivery and professional nursing. Values and characteristics of professional nursing practice by examining legal, regulatory, ethical issues, critical reasoning, evidence-based practice, and nursing self-care.
Course Objectives: 1. Describe the evolution of the U.S. health care delivery system. 2. Examine the roles of the baccalaureate nurse. 3. Discuss how legal, regulatory, and ethical issues are related to the role of the nurse. 4. Identify effective communication strategies with individuals, families, and members of the health care team. 5. Value knowledge of client culture and spirituality. 6. Describe disease prevention and health promotion programs. 7. Explore and integrate the theme of “transition” of the second-degree student, the perceived and expressed self and the journey of a healer. 8. Examine the role of journaling as a form of self-care in nursing.
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