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School of Nursing
Nursing (NURS)
Foundations of Health Assessment
Found. of Health Assessment
Fall 2017
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Development of the knowledge and skills necessary for conducting comprehensive and need-specific health assessments for individuals in the context of their family and community.
1. Describe the components of a health history.
2. Elicit a health history through systematic assessment.
3. Effectively utilize therapeutic communication while eliciting information during the health history.
4. Identify why culture is important in the health assessment.
5. Describe anatomical markers associated with specific systems of the adult client.
6. Perform a physical assessment of the specified system of the adult client in an organized, systematic manner.
7. Differentiate normal and abnormal findings through physical assessment.
8. Record pertinent assessment data.
9. Identify and implement appropriate nursing interventions/skills within the framework of the nursing process to meet the unique needs of the adult client.
10. Explain scientific foundation as rationale for nursing skills/interventions.
11. Evaluate the effectiveness of implemented interventions/nursing skills in relation to the adult client.
12. Provide for client privacy and dignity while performing health assessment and interventions.
13. Apply nursing process to assessment of individual health needs.
14. Utilize therapeutic communications in interactions within the clinical simulation lab setting.
15. List safety factors for selected basic and advanced health technologies.
16. Perform selected basic health technologies within the clinical simulation lab setting.
17. Practice selected advanced health technologies within the clinical simulation lab setting.

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