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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Physics (PHYS)
University Physics II
University Physics II
Summer 2015
Course Type
Discussion Group
Default Grading Method
Letter Grade

PHYS 1021 or PHYS 1025


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PHYS 1026 - University Physics II with Biological Applications
Fee Type
Laboratory fee

Periodic motion, waves, and classical electromagnetism using calculus. Waves and sound. Electrostatics, Gauss’s law, capacitance. Electric resistance, electric current. Magnetism. Electrodynamics and electromagnetic induction. Maxwell’s theory and electromagnetic radiation. Geometric and physical optics.
1. Explain and analyze key concepts related to electricity, magnetism, circuits, optics, and waves. 2. Identify what physical principles are at play and what laws guide the outcomes. 3. Apply basic physical principles to solve practical problems. 4. Set up and carry on solutions to complex, multi-step problems based on the physical principles at play. 5. Apply Calculus concepts to analyze changes in physical systems. 6. Develop habits of learning new scientific concepts independently, through reading and practice problems.
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CCAS - GCR: Natural Sciences
Gen Ed: Nat or Phys Sci
HONR-Sci Reasoning & Discovery

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